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Office Policies

First time in the office



If it is your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment to fill out paperwork and to get settled. The time we set aside for your appointment is completely yours. Out of the highest respect to you and my other clients, sessions end on the scheduled time with. It should be enough time to do a typical exam and treatment. This means if you are coming in with more than three things on your list of complaints/pains we might need to more time to make sure we get everything addressed that we need to.


If we reschedule your Appointment



Please be aware that I, Dr. Kelly,  run everything on my own currently. This means when you start changing appointments multiple times it creates more secretarial time spent over doctor time, not to mention moving appointments last minute leaves more holes in the schedule that could have been filled. 


Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to try to reschedule; appointment times and availability are getting more limited as the practice is growing.



Late Cancel Repeats & No Show Fee


All services must be paid for after the service was completed by means of cash, check, visa, or mastercard. We do not accept IOU’s, monies of other nations, or counterfeit, blessings, or bartering. Once a service has provided or transaction has been made, there are NO partial or full refunds. The same rule applies for gratuities. There is a $25 bounced check fee.




Appointment Times


Appointments start about every 20 minutes typically 9:00, 9:20, 9:40, 10:00, etc some time will not follow this rule to allow necessary time for documentation or a special situation for timing for a patient. Please arrive promptly for your scheduled time, this will make things work smoothly and will create a lessened wait time for all and less frustration for everyone. 


Please be aware that Dr. Kelly Allocates 20 minutes for each visit on the schedule, please be respectful of your appointment time. Please don’t worry about checking in with Karen at the front desk, have a seat or stand just inside the waiting room (without causing congestion with other patients waiting/leaving) and I will be out to call you back shortly. (Karen at the front desk may ask who you are in to see: Just say “Dr. Kelly”).

More details and things about the office explained:


1.    The office is a multi-DC, and Massage care office that are all separate businesses.

Dr. Barger, and his Wife Karen are the main lease holders and Karen works the front desk for Dr. Barger only.

Please don’t worry about checking in with Karen if she is at the front desk, have a seat or stand just inside the waiting room and I will be out to call you back shortly.

2.    I run my own practice, this means I answer my calls:

  • Reschedule and answer questions,

  • Treat patients,

  • Explain the process of healing

  • Explain the process of insurance or package plans and,

  • Take money collections from copays and products sold.

Please understand I want to be here for your care when it’s your appointment time, for this reason I set each appointment slot at 20 minutes. This should reasonably give us time to:

  • Check in on your status and progress,

  • Correct any alignments, muscle spasms. An adjustment only takes 1-3 minutes at most, this means I’m allowing time for some small talk and questions.

  • Answer any general questions you might have for your care in this office or your health.

  • When care is completed, I need to schedule your next appointment,

  • Collect your copay and send you out into the world again so that I can make sure to be ready for my next patient.

  • This does not mean I have nothing else to do for your visit to be done for the day. I have to make sure your office visit is documented correctly and accurately, I have ways to make this process quicker but each visit takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes to update your file. I am nothing but accurate and vigilant about my notes. This is my livelihood on the line, negligence is a crime in the healthcare industry and could cost me my license.  

  • If you are chatting too much I might have to hurry your story or double task and take payment and schedule your next apptoinment in the middle of your story. 

    • ​Running over our 20 minutes for a story and shortening the next patient's appointment would not be fair. If you need to talk to someone you can ask for a separate scheduled time or I have a few great referral sources in town. 

Scheduling Appointments



​Please schedule or modify existing appointments through the online booking program: . You must create a profile to book an appointment. After your profile is created we can schedule all other future appointments.



Policies & Procedures






Your session is for healing purposes. If any sexual comments, requests, or physical actions occur during any portion of the session or visit to our office, the session will end immediately and you will still be responsible for paying for the services rendered. It is up to the Doctor's discretion if you will remain a patient. If you perform any other offense of sexual harassment or abuse, the authorities will be called immediately.



We follow strict industry protocol and state law, in which we will gown or drape the client, if needed. Individual body parts will be exposed only in a secure manner for the respect, modesty, and privacy of our clients and staff. 



We have a zero tolerance for bad conduct, inappropriateness, sexual comments/behavior, and bad business practices from clients and other business representatives.


Office Policies- Insurance Patients

Insurance policies are printed and in the office and will be on my website soon. If you have questions about your coverage please call your insurance carrier (the number is on you Insurance Card). 

Wellness care is typically and most likely not covered! Insurance policies are printed in the office and will be on my website soon.

She's here for you!   Her practice is not super fast paced, it's meant to be  a place of healing.    Your body will feel better!  ​
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