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Irlen Syndrome

Try the Self test if any apply to you then give me a call and we can try to answer any questions you have about it and see if you'd like to get screened to see how much it could change your life!

Do you have Headaches, Eye strain or just dislike reading for long periods of time?

Do words move or blur when you try to focus?

Do you get distracted from the actual words and see the gaps and patterns called "rivers"?

Which Of the colored boxes and text below are the most comfortable on your eyes to read?

This is with and without my (specific prescription) glasses on, but it's deceptively colored because when I put on the glasses the colors don't change like this they stay the stay color just become less harsh. 

The Irlen syndrome can be from a trauma, or an imbalance in the brain or visual process. 

To keep the description as simple as possible: 

Think of watching a action scene in a dark theater. It can be bright flashing and objects and images are flashing quickly as the scene progresses. This is a lot for anyone to take in and process.


Now think of the theater having other lights turning on or off and a few people using there cell phones with the screens bright. There is a lot more light to "turn off" and "ignore" or "tune out". 

All of this extra work just to be able to even watch the action scene and figure out what's going on. It's a lot of brainpower to tune out all the extra distractions.  

What if just looking at a page of text felt like the flashing confusing lit up theater. Just a simple plain white stationery page with black text paragraphs. What if this was as complicated to process for someone. This happens in some people's brains. The attempts to focus on a harsh contrast between white and black creates too much stimulus and creates a lot more work for the brain. 

The more the brain has to work the quicker it can become fatigued, and eventually other symptoms show up. Fatigue can present in many ways: stumbling on words, losing your focus or place in the sentence. It could make you pause more often to catch up. Pain is another way it could present as a symptom; headaches eye strain, or even anxiety. 

You'll notice my entire website is in calmer less contrasted colors.

It's also in small paragraphs and color boxes separate thoughts to aid a simpler brain in process. 

This Syndrome hasn't been very well known , it took 5 years of Migraines for me to even hear about it let along figure out I had the syndrome caused from a concussion. 

It's a small company that has done amazing things for many types of people;

  • Autistic kids, and adults

  • Migraine sufferers

  • Concussion symptoms

  • dyslexia (possibly misdiagnosed)

  • ADD/ADHD (possibly misdiagnosed)

  • other learning or reading disabilities or limited persons

The reason the filters can help all of these different conditions is that it calms the misinterpretation of information or overstimulation of information coming in through the eyes. 

Every person is different and the more severe the condition th more layers typically required. Concussion patients commonly have more than 3 filters. Where as a dyslexic person may only need one. 

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