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Phases of Care

Phase 1 - Relief Care

6 - 12 treatments



       Adjusting subluxations (varied techniques used)

       Neuro-muscular Re-education

       Possible muscle work (varied techniques used)

       Instruction on home care (stretching, strengthening, heat, rest, etc...)



As the treatments progress there will be added exercises and instructions on how to reach your goals (pain free and/or Healthier).

She's here for you!   Her practice is not super fast paced, it's meant to be  a place of healing.    Your body will feel better!  ​
Phase 2 - Corrective Care

4 - 12 treatments


Now that we are out of the woods and out of pain, this doesn't mean you have completed your chiropractic care. Your body has barely gotten used to the changes we have made and needs a continued reminder of where it needs to position it self. 


Chronic Pain sufferers will be the ones in this stage the longest. It will take teamwork between you, your body and your practitioners to get it corrected and your body capable of maintaining itself in a optimum working position. 


Your body has many checks and balance systems it has to re-set and strengthen in order to reach this maintenance phase:                  


            Tight and bunched muscles have to elongated!

             Loose and inactive muscles need to be re-trained and strengthend!  


             The feedback systems has to re-calibrate what is the appropriate lenght and tension.


             Believe it or not you can change your bone density!



Phase 3 - Wellness

6 - 52 treatments/year


This Phase is all about reaching your full potiential!

Typically people that are extreme athletes and competitors will need to undo all the impact damage about 2-4 times a month. But those of us that just have desk jobs and aren't out exercising much at all might be doing just as much postural damage on our bodies.


Then there's the mainstream population who tries to eat healthy enough, exercise 1-3 times a week and has so much going on in their lives they are never sitting still. These are the people that do their stretches and maintain their corrective care treatments. They typically only need a checkup every month or so just to make sure gravity hasn't messed things up. 

This directs you to the office software, it's a simple registration to access the available scheduling times. This will be your easiest way to book or re-schedule an appointment in the future. 


If you would like to call for an appointment you can at (916) 796-9986

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