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What to expect on the 1st Visit:
Please come on in and have a seat in the wating room, I'll be out to bring you in to my office shortly.

There are a few forms that need to be filled out.

       Consent to treat

             *insurance overview information consent

       Basic Patient Information

       Information about your complaint/s of pain and goals for care


Posture Screening 

       A great way to see the body positioning, favored side, rotational presentations, and general posture.


       Patient History intake

       Physical Exam: Vitals, Orthopedic, Neurological, Range of Motion, Palpation

Overveiw of the findings:

       Possible refferal (if warranted)



            -Why you are in pain (what is causing it)

            -What will help undo the problem, or manage it

       Treatment plan

            -what it'll take to acheive your goals

            -wellness care to reach full health

       Financial obligation


       Adjusting subluxations (varied techniques used)

       Neuro-muscular Re-education (restoring balance)

       Possible muscle work (varied techniques used)

       Instruction on home care

            -stretching, strengthening, heat, rest, etc...

Schedule out the required appointments in the future to reach your goals!

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