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Looking to Hire:

Chiropractic Associate 

 in Folsom CA - New Grads Welcome


Rourke Chiropractic Corp. Folsom, CA, USA -


Full Time  -  Compensation: $60,000 to $90,000 Annual income attainable

        *Though part time is possible as well $30,000 to $60,000 Annual income

This will depend on your efforts and patient #’s completely. The practice hasn’t been able to serve the number of call in’s we’ve been having already. This could be an advantage to you, If Dr. Kelly can’t get them in on her schedule, you would be the office’s overflow ( and/or we could split the call in’s).


Financial type of patients seen currently in the office:

Cash, Medicare (Cash), Insurance (Kaiser, Blue Cross, Anthem, Aetna and Health Net) - The office in working toward not dealing with insurance patients in the future. This doesn't mean you have to choose this path. You can use the EHR/EMR (I can show you the ropes), this decision would be adding responsibility to do your own billing claims though. We work on the ChiroTouch system. 

Type of treatments/patients currently in the office currently:




•Extremity and Non- spinal Adjusting

•Webster certified (pregnancy care)

•Pediatric Care

•Dr. Kelly’s unique technique that is a blend of: Diversified and mobilization

•ART/ Graston

•Craniosacral Therapy (fascial work)


The Practice

This office is a 10-year well established chiropractic office service all surrounding areas of Sacramento and outlining smaller communities. Dr. Kelly, DC graduated in September of 2013 from Palmer west. Dr. Kelly specializes in manual and extremity manipulation, Muscle therapies and Craniosacral therapy. The practice is currently open Monday through Friday and closed on holidays and weekends. Summer is the secretary that currently works part time (an additional secretary for more coverage of hours is a possibility). Dr. Kelly is working her way through a long healing process and getting back to a larger load of patients per week. This being said she does not treat a high volume of patients compared to many practices out there.

The Role of Our Best Fitting Associate Doc

We’re looking for a motivated, clinically competent, skilled adjuster with a desire to enhance his, her, or their case management skills and develop a strong understanding of how chiropractic can influence people to live healthier lives. The Associate will be expected to communicate effectively and efficiently to diagnose, treat and educate our patient base. Estimated annual income average ranges between 62K-90K for a full time DC working with a Medium to higher volume of patients. This in no way forces you to work a high-volume practice out of this office, that is up to you to decide. The more you work the income will correlate. This will be the first Associate position this office has hired. Dr. Kelly is willing to make it work with your needs as long as it’s not a detriment to the office as a whole.

You will get your own room in the office suite shared by another DC. Dr. James Barger, DC and his wife/office manager use 2 of the 6 rooms. Dr. Kelly uses 2 rooms as well with the extra room avaiable to expand into (at the moment). Summer is my office secretary and would be avaiable for you if desired.

This Associateship could be as integrated or as unique as you desire the role to be. The hope would be to have the ability to have one another substitute in for the other’s patients when sick or on vacation/leave. The “how’s” of this could be worked out during contract signing.


Room to grow

The right candidate will have the opportunity to become a partner after competency is demonstrated in all aspects of this practice. This would happen only when a great repour has developed with Dr. Kelly. This isn’t just a business, it’s a family!



Mentoring is paramount in this practice. Dr. Kelly would love to learn from you and would love to share from her experience if you’re amenable. As a new doctor to our team, you will gain case management knowledge, clinical pearls, and insights into the patient base as well as how to integrate into the area. Folsom is a "medium sized town" and ever growing (11k people adding in the next 5 years in new homes alone).


The Area

Folsom/ Sacramento is a rapidly growing cities and as such has plenty of new patients pouring into the area. The area offers miles of walking and biking on both natural and paved trails, and Folsom Lake for all your watersports needs. If you like the outdoors, you'll love Sacramento, “the city of trees”. We’re 2 hours from Tahoe or Napa Valley (with many other wineries and microbrews local) and 2-3 hours from San Francisco! Sports fans: Kings (basketball), Wildcats and the Athletics’ (baseball), and Republic (soccer).

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