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 Service Prices

Chiropractic Services

The service prices are individualized by type service. All services will be paid for at the time of service, any insurance used will be sent in to the individual's coverage for reimbursement. Insurance prices may vary based on your insurance plan. Though insurance may claim to cover services, it is not a guarantee they will pay. This means any services rendered in this office are ultimately the patients responsibility.

Price list for products available
Relief of back pain, headaches, and other conditions. Low cost CAM

Exams are 60-100$ depending on detail and time required for the Doctor to perform the necessary procedures and to make sure all your questions are answered.


Treatments are anywhere from $5-$50 [per therapy], your condition may require more than one therapy for the best timely results.


Please understand the AMA (American Medical Association) recommends  4-6 visits for acute cases and  12-20 for chronic cases. Dr. Kelly is always working to better your health, and I will never be pushy to "sell a package"  or anything that is not going to benefit your health.

* A sliding  payment scale available for those in need

Prices are on par with the local area.


I am In-network with the following Insurances (this does not mean your insurance has Chiropractic coverage):

Kaiser Permanente


Blue Cross



I am out of network with:

Blue Cross blue shield, of any other Blue card, or Shield insurance

Health Net


Medi-CAL/Covered CA (Though I offer a sliding scale)

Call with any Questions

(916) 796-9986

Exams: $60-$100 




                Extremity: $25-$40   

                Spinal: $40- $65


                Targeted therapeutic massage: average $2/min

                Instructional time (posture, stretches, exercises): $5-$20

An Off hour visit will have an additional charge of 20$

Any Medicare Patient is excluded from discounts by the State of California. "Any discount you offer cannot be given to Medicare or Medicaid patients." 

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