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Dr. Kelly is absolutely amazing. I would hands down recommend her to anyone. Not only did she figure out what was going on with my body, she was able to correct the problem. I am finally living pain free!

Brianna 2020

John G   June 22 · 

Kelly is not only our chiropractor but a terrific friend as well. She has really helped me over the last couple of years with regaining hand and arm strength and arthritis in my neck as well. We absolutely love her.

Victor                  Aug 16, 2019

Very thorough. I especially appreciated the time Dr. Kelly took to assess my particular
situation, with lots of explanations along the way. The office had a very calming feel.

Dr Kelly is amazing! Until pregnancy, I never had been to a chiropractor, but my sister in law recommended her and I thought I’d give it a try. She helped me so much, I was amazed!! My 2nd pregnancy ended up being way better than my previous one. Now I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and started seeing her earlier this time and this has been the best pregnancy yet! She has helped my lower back stay pain free and I look forward to seeing her every time. She is so good with pregnancy patients and very knowledgeable! Would recommend her to all of my friends 

Terri Ackerman

Sep 24, 2018

Dr. Kelly is very personable as well as quite knowledgeable. It was evident that she cares and eager to help. I also
appreciated the follow-up email she sent with summary of her suggestions. A great visit.

Linda                                         Jun 19, 2019

I was feeling like constant ache in my hips and legs was what I would experience for the rest of my life. My husband came in to see Dr. Cullen for rib/shoulder problem and I asked for appointment as well. It is now one week later and I am still moving much better. I feel five years younger. Maybe even ten years.


Dr. Kelly is very knowledgeable about the human anatomy. She offers gentle adjustments of the spine as well as suggestions for stretching to do on your own at home. She helps me align my spine and gives me helpful advice on how to position myself better for a restful sleep.
She truly cares about her clients.

John                         June 22 ·2019 

Kelly is not only our chiropractor but a terrific friend as well. She has really helped me over the last couple of years with regaining hand and arm strength and arthritis in my neck as well. We absolutely love her.

Dr. Kelly’s work is remarkably gentle and with long lasting relief. I will continue to seek her assistance w chronic pain/discomfort and recommend her to my family and friends!  LK

Sara                  Five Stars                     Aug 16, 2019

Dr. Kelly always listens, uses gentle yet effective adjustments and makes suggestions for
stretching and other helpful practices to build strength and flexibility! Thank you!!!

Patients in the office.JPG

Dr. Kelly- I can't believe how amazing I feel today!!! Everything is different!!! AND vertigo is non-existent!! I am a little sore, but I'm amazed at how EVERYthing feels so incredibly different! Thank you so much, see you for our second visit!

ST              July 2018

Larry                                     Jun 13, 2019

Dr. Kelly does a very good job relieving back Pain. Very consistent with procedure and always offering education on how to keep your back tuned up... Also very knowledgeable on rock tape procedures

Katelyn    5 stars

Very nice & funny. She made time to listen to all of what we had to say and showed us exercises to help with certain pain that we were still having after being adjusted. Highly recommend!                                    July 2018


Ashley                 5 Stars

Dr. Kelly has been so wonderful. Not only does she help me with my overall alignment, but she has also taught me so much about things I can do on my own to keep my body in good shape. It's amazing to see the difference in my posture, pain levels, etc after each visit. And I also recommend taking one of her courses to see if you would benefit from Irene filters if you suffer from headaches while reading, or any light sensitivity. They have helped me very much!

Pat            5 stars     

I have neck pain every morning and Dr. Kelly made a quick adjustment and my neck felt much better the whole day! Need to go back so she can fix me permanently!

Very knowledgeable and very patience in explaining the issue with me and teaching me the proper stretching exercises. Excellent service.


Dennis            5 stars     

I had my third visit today with Dr. Kelly and am very impressed! She is friendly, sense of humor and overall great!

Nov 2017

I have had 2 great experiences with Dr. Kelly. She is thorough, very professional and takes the time to make sure I understand my condition. I would recommend her to anyone! K

Amazing! I am so glad to have found Dr. Kelly Cullen! I play sports and sometimes just have a tweaked back but she has always been able to fix me! I would highly recommend her!


Thank you for salvaging our family get together, you made it possible to ride with my family!... take a look at my profile to see what you helped save, post there and I will give you the great applause you deserve.

Heather reviewed Kelly Cullen, DC  — 5 stars 

I had my first appointment with Dr Cullen this morning, she was amazing with her knowledge and adjustment techniques! She was very thorough in her assessment and I left feeling so balanced and wonderful!!!

Dr. Kelly Cullen is very passionate about taking care of her patients! This enthusiasm shows through when she takes the time to educate you. She will be able to help. She has helped me a lot over the years and I highly recommend her! She is great at what she does and she will get you out of pain!

She should be described with these skills, gentle adjusting, confident and relaxing touch when she does adjustments.  I value her care greatly!

Dr. Kelly is fantastic! I'm in my 3rd trimester and feeling better than ever.

Ben                                5 Stars

Dr. Kelly adjusted me yesterday and I felt immediate relief especially in my neck where I've had pain there for years. She is very knowledgeable about health in general and has a pleasant and friendly personality!

August 2016

Dr Kelly: just wanted to let you know that this morning I had Zero pain in my arm and shoulder! Thank you so much for helping me feel better. Have a great week and I'll see you next appointment! -L.W.

Based on her assessment she determined I sat in a certain position (with poor posture) for a prolonged time. She was 100% on the money when I didn't disclose that to her. After her assessment and adjustments I was back to work. All done in less than an hour! 

Never saw a chiropractor before, and she's made me a believer! She definitely knows what she's doing! Highly recommend her!


May 2016

I have minor back issues, aches on some parts of my spine - cervical, lumbar, and sacrum.   The aches are intermittent.  I have been going to Dr Kelly since October 2015 for spinal adjustment to restore proper alignment, range of movement, and relieve pain.  I went to other chiropractors, but usually they spend 5-10 minutes and that's it.  With Dr Kelly, I feel that she spend time and records  all the aches and pains I feel.  She takes her time to align my back.  I would say I am about 70% much better.   Visiting her will be a lifetime maintenance for me, so if I want to achieve 100% I have to continuously see a chiropractor for proper alignment.  That being said I definitely recommend Dr Kelly.


Dr Cullen is so great. She worked with me to get rid of back pain and we realized I had very little mobility with my hips. Within a month I was able to walk with ease. She works with you to understand what is going on with your body and gives you stretches that really helps to get you mobile again. Thank you Dr Cullen.


August 2015

Dr. Kelly is amazing. I have been going to her for the last month for lower back pain. She goes the extra mile and strives to make sure I leave feeling better than I came in. I recommend anyone who is in need of a chiropractor to go and see her!



I've been seeing Dr Cullen since May 2015 and have gotten amazing quick long lasting results. I had been seeing a Pro-adjuster Dr for years as my body is very sensitive to manual manipulation. I was nervous about going back to manual work but Dr Cullen is gentle and uses more stretching type techniques verses rough jarring movements. In the past few months I have had more significant relief long lasting then in all years I used the Pro-adjuster. She has an amazing and unique knowledge if the body and listens to the body in a way I've not experienced in almost 17 years of seeing a chiropractor. I high recommend her especially to those sensitive to manual manipulation of traditional practioners.


July 2015

Working with Kelly my JV season of highschool soccer was a great learning experience. She was easy to talk to and whenever something was feeling tight or hurting she knew exactly what to do to help me so I was able to play my best. She gave great advice to everyone on the team so that they could better themselves as a player and helped me to improve my skills. I loved having Kelly as my coach and enjoyed going to practice each day with her.

-Isabella Scott

June 5, 2015

Dr  Cullen is amazing and so gentle. She takes her time and explains what and why she is doing what she is doing. I walked away feeling so much better. Not to mention she is a very nice person. I would highly recommend her


Linda  — 5 stars


May 2015 

Just got adjusted by Kelly, and I can already tell the difference. I've had bad muscle tension in my shoulder/ neck to the point of tears and lower back muscle spasm that were partially treated by PT but never went away. I can already notice the flexibility in my lower back and neck. Totally recommend her!


May 2014,


The doctor truly cares about her patients and customize treatment to meet the needs and goals of each individual. Dr. Cullen is very personable. She's young, energetic, and anxious to educate her patients. She cares about what she's doing and works hard to have her clients leave the office feeling better than when they walked in. I appreciate the amazing care she provides. 


April 2015

Dr. Cullen is nothing short of a lifesaver! In addition to helping me with sciatica issues, she helped me back on track after taking a pretty good fall down a flight of stairs. I was in incredible pain and could hardly move my neck. Dr. Cullen was able to gently adjust me and allow for my body to heal. If you are having any sort of body pain requiring a chiropractor I would recommend going to see Dr. Cullen!

C F.

March 2015

I've been to more established chiropractic care in Folsom and was happier with Ms. Cullen. She isn't as packed with clients and was able to take more time and care with me. She is a new doctor and I was impressed with how quickly and skillfully she helped me.  I had injured my back and could hardly move from some pinched nerves and misplaced ribs. In one visit she had relieved most of my pain and set me on a therapeutic path to recovery. Very Satisfied with her level of care and concern!

 Stephaine L.

July 2014


Dr. Cullen is such a happy, positive person, that going to see her is always a lovely relaxing break from my stressful workday. 

If you're thinking about going to Dr. Kelly for Chiropractic, don't hesitate! Just go! You won't regret it!

Krit. B. 

July 2014


Dr Kelly is great. She has helped me with hip and lower back pain. She gives you advice on what you can do to help yourself and explains what is causing the problem. She is especially great with kids and understands sports injuries.


June 2014

Doctor Cullen is such wonderful happy person! The first day I walked in for an appointment with Doctor Cullen and she sat me down, talked about the pain I had been experiencing with my back, shoulders and neck, took a photo of my posture to show me how my posture would affect the strain on my back and got right to work. As a smaller woman, many other chiropractors I saw were much too forceful with me. Doctor Cullen understands what my body needs and is gentle and efficient. I'm what she describes as "bendy" and there are some adjustments that just won't work. I absolutely adore and think that I have found one of the best of the best in my area. Four months after my first appointment, I experience less pain at work and can sleep without constant headaches. Thank you Dr. Kelly and Chiropractic



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