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Webster Techinque

Being pregnant can put a huge stress on her body, the weight gain commonly causes low back pain, not to mention the weight of the fetus growing forward and away from the spine. The ligaments have to hold the expanding organs in place, putting an increased strain on the sacrum/pelvis.


Chiropractors and other body work professionals have the knowlegde of biomechanics. This technique takes the movements and growth factors of a growing baby into account and uses the body work to better position mom to support the changes.   

What to expect:


The process is all pretty painless. A little bit of paper work, discussion about what your body positioning is currently, and how it's changing with the added weight.


Then an assessment will be done to see what areas are overly tight or strained and which areas might need a little more attention with posture or exercices.


Lying down on the table is customized with pillows to allow minimal pressure on your baby and tummy. I will be feeling your areas on your back and your joint movements for any restrictions; much like any typical chiropractic accessment. The treatment however is unique to the neccessary areas that alter when a woman is pregnant.  


Then pressure will likely be applied to specific areas to reslease the tension and align the spine and body.

 ~~Your pelvis, sacrum, and pubic symphysis joints are extremely important to the size the growing baby is, and how the body mechanics work with walking & strength.

Common Pelvic Roation fixation:

The Image on the left is of a display pelvis and spine and how the pelvis doesn't just have one thing wrong when it gets out of place. The entire unit of 2 ilium's, and the sacrum work together in a gear box sort of way when the back upper left rotates even more backwards, the back upper right will counter balance and move forward. 



Symmetry and best body position for baby's growth and comfort.

Better body function for mom

This is a way to help your body be ready for all the changes and the mirco-traumas that come with child bearing. The treatments help keep the pelvis from rotating and twisting too much. The twisting can make the ligaments get overly stretched on one side which is a very common reason for Pregnancy low back pain. 

This is not a baby turning technique, it can only help mom be as roomy and comfortable for potential baby movement.

Relief from:

Low back pain

Sciatic pain

Muscle spasms

Webster's Technique Description:


The certification makes sure to teach: Safety, effectiveness and contraindications.

Informed based practice relating to prenatal care and birth outcome for the mother. Techniques for the prenatal period.

Specific adjusting techniques in pregnancy with biomechanics of the female pelvis.


There are common disorders in pregnancy that chiropractic can co-manage with other birth care providers. Common causes of dystocia are: physiological/ neuro-biomechanical, emotional and medical technological. Chiropractic can help with the physiological and neuro-biomechanical aspects of pregnancy.



I have pregnancy Pillows that allow mom to lay face down without the added pressure on her tummy.


I have many pillow options, a small one for when Mom is earlier on and not too round, and later for breast relief. There are also ways to be side lying and not have to be on the back or tummy as well. 

This is area

where the belly,

and breasts can hang without pressure

Bradley Method Pregnancy and Birth learning courses:

A great way to learn more about what you are going through, all the options and decisions you will have, and best of all a doula to get advice from. Gabrielle is a local Doula (retired RN) who helps out women in the community figure out their personalized birth desires and options.

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