The Office

I'm always trying to make it feel welcoming and comfortable!

Dr. Kelly is nothing short of a lifesaver!

Dr. Cullen was able to gently adjust me and allow for my body to heal.

If you are having any sort of

body pain requiring a chiropractor I would recommend going to see Dr. Cullen!

C F.

Techniques available:

Palmer Chiropractic School - Blend


Wedges - Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)




Drop table


Webster Technique (


Functional Movement Techniques Certified



  I am a Certified Massage Therapist(CMT)



I It's a tool in this office not the main     technique                                   


Extremities adjusting          


Rock Tape

athletic taping, posture, and swelling reduction



Instrument assisted Muscle Therapy


Myofasical Release Technique

MRT aka: ART


Trigger Point Therapy


Ischemic Compression

Ergonomic Evaluation and suggestions

The Healing
As a CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) doctor I love to find areas where I can teach patients what I see and team up with them to work towards their goal of overall health and wellness.
I focus on creating motion where it has been lost. Typically an Adjustment will be performed to release any restrictions in the body. I am not solely about Adjusting the restricted joints, I understand that addressing the muscles, modifying exercises and stretching for each individual are all key to acheiving this goal. Chiropractic aims in removing restrictions in the body so that the nerves and supporting tissues can work at 100% without limitations and interferences that subluxations and immobilization can cause. Chiropractic can also help decrease the pain that comes with stiff muscles and joints.



I am a vitalistic style doctor that doesn't run to solve problems with a pill or surgery. I want the body to be given a chance to work through the problems and grow from the expereince. This will make us and our immune system stronger!


By removing restrictions on the nerves, it allows the communicatin in our bodies to function fully again. This also promotes removal of cellular waste to increase, and the rebuilding and growth to occur!


The office I worked in for the 2014 calendar year that won the best of the best voted Chiropractic office in the Folsom and El Dorado Hills area!


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By Appointment only


10am-12 & 3-6pm


10am-1pm & 4-7pm




All regular appointments are scheduled for 15-20 minutes.

Exam + Adjustment = ~60 minutes