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Conditions & symptoms that Chiropractic can help.

Aches and pains

Aches and pains that won't go away on their own, or just hurt?


If you've tried other pain relief or other medical solutions that haven't helped enough?

Numbness and tingling, Muscle weakness, Stiff Joints, Headaches, Body Fatigue, Sharp or shooting pain

These are nerve interference symptoms. When the nerves are irritated by inflammation or physical pressure on them. 

Nerves function mechanically, electronically (ions) and chemically (neurotransmitters).

Which means that any fluids that are not pH balanced or contain too much or too little water and salt content will alter then speed and conduction of the nerve signaling.

The brain signals for an action or communication to happen, each individual nerve cell has to pass along the signal to the next one, they can do this through a chemical called a neurotransmitter. Each signal transfer between nerve cells is a bridge that has to be crossed going from one side to the other. if the space between the cells has obstacles (pH, toxins, ...) it will slow or stop the message from moving to the organ or destination it was meant for. 

How to help nerve function with Chiropractic adjustments?

Get Adjusted to get the joint spaces opened up properly, and every thing moving!

Each joint has a predetermined map of placement of major nerves, muscles and ligaments to support the area.

If the joint is moving along it's normal patterns of motion there should not be any problems, or interference. 

What happens if the joint gets stuck?

Typically, the muscles try really hard to fix the lack of motion by pulling harder on one direction, this pulling can fatigue the muscle. If the nerves and muscles aren't moving they tighten up or stretch out to hold the "new static" position. If they are getting moved they will create a new "normal" and most of the time it will start affecting the nearest joints. Potentially creating even more muscles and joints to be affected. 

If nerves are shortened for a long enough time they adapt, and when you are stretching it will hurt more, to re-adapt to the longer length. Nerves are meant to sense everything! which means stretching a nerve to a new length is painful. It's better to not let it have time to shorten!

When a joint doesn't have fully motion and get enough motion it creates stiffness. The stiffness and imbalances eventually cause pain.

How to help nerve function naturally?

Drink enough water

Get your electrolytes

Get enough antioxidants

 Balance hormones 


Get Adjusted

Keep moving!

Nerve signalling

Communication from brain to a cells

Numbness, tingling, and shooting pain: 

Nerves can also:

-pinched/cramped by muscles contracting

-affected by inflammation and/or chemicals (or herniation of a disc)

-slide into a joint space and get squished.

Nerves can feel: Temperature, pressure, chemicals, stretch, miscommunication from the body or brain & many other types of pain.

Motion is the key to health! Chiropractic is made to get you moving again!

Sprain: when a ligament has been over stretched, which means some or all of the fibers holding the joint are torn. This can cause the joint to be loosely held or not able to hold the stability it is supposed to. 

 ie: a rolled ankle or baseball stretched ligament of the finger


Sprained Ligaments Strained Muscles

Strain: When there is tearing of a small or large group of muscle fibers. are muscles are thousands of strands of fibers lined up together and wrapped in sheaths next to other fibers in bundles all working together to create a muscle contraction. muscles are highly innervated ( every fiber has a communication nerve going to it) this means strains typically hurt worse than sprains.


Both sprains and strains create imbalance in the  adjacent joint. Any instability can increase the risk of the joint moving in a way that could cause more injuries. Then there's the bodies natural healing process, inflammation and creation of scar tissue. Inflammation is the body giving the area the attention and resources it need to heal. On of it's resources is cells that create new tissues, the bigger the injury or more instability the more those cells are creating supportive scar tissue. Sadly scar tissue is less elastic than the original tissues/fibers.

Joint problems are commonly due to old injuries or bad posture injuries over time creating a prefect environment for arthritis to start forming. Arthritis is a reaction of the body to build scar tissue as strong as the bone. Though it isn't always helpful to us when it comes to pain, or movement. 

Disc problems can present in many different ways: movement pain, stiffness shooting pain into the limbs, or even organ symptoms of malfunction.

Disc & Joint problems

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