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Irlen Screening happens typically in two parts. 

First you'll want to know if you even have Irlen Syndrome; meaning you are helped by the filters! Every person is an individual and each will react differently to single or multi-layered filters.

I have a pair of lenses with 4 different color filters, but someone else trying on my glasses might get dizzy or even a headache if they put my filters on.

Lenses: Color films added to your prescription (or plain lens) glasses or contacts. This allows everything you see to be filtered through your lens. This means all driving,sports, computer time and book time is filtered for you and allows your visual processing less (overloading or mis-information) to sort through. 

Overlays: a transparency like film that you can use on paper and books to create a calmer contrast and color to allow decreased stress on the visual and processing in the brain.

Filter overlays vs Filtered Lenses 

 Irlen Syndrome Screening in this office:

We will go through a few different visual tests:

- tracking: counting squares or shapes or symbols without your eye loosing their place, or your visual interpretation is fatigued or overwhelmed

-span of recognition: looking at the center of the page how far out can your eyes comfortably see and focus (before it goes out of focus).

-reading,  is your reading ability limited by your span of focus only being able to interpret one word or even one or two letters at a time having to formulate each detail and make it in the words and paragraphs it's meant to be. can you track a line across the page without the rivers(gaps and spaces that are between the ink on the page)... is the white and black contrast too extreme?

- Focus/moving images: Some people see a word, but the word doesn't look crisp and clean, it looked blurry or shaky. This may be due to a vision prescription problem, but if it's not it could easily be a Irlen Syndrome issue that could be resolved with the right color filters. 


A Screening can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your severity or symptoms that get provoked by the testing (in which we take breaks to let your eyes and brain rest!).

For the screening in this office we are only able to prescribe the overlays:

The overlays are the first step to confirming that the filters help you in reading off printed material.


**If you need more protection throughout your daily life because you are outside or working on electronics, you may consider getting the Lens screening with an Irlen Diagnostician:

Or if you wan to get screened by the lady I went through: Susan Hughes, She's located in Chico, CA but she does have days she works in other locations. 

The Initial screening time varies on a lot of factors it should take 45 minutes - 2 hours.

Initial Screening:


Filter overlays:


$10/ 2 sheets

Glasses/contacts are only screened for after completion of the initial Screening and unfortunately I'm not certified (yet) to do that level of screening.  There is a Lense screener in Chico, Ca that can do a day trip here if we have more than one person wanting to be screened. That typically cost more, as well as getting the filters on your prescription (or clear lenses) cost $200-300. 

Initial Screening in my Office

The screening is a series of images, lines and symbols that we will be using to see how your brain perceives them. 

It's amazing what we think is normal... everyone must see it "this way" ... right?!? Not necessarily!


Does this Bother you to look at?




We will see how the colored overlays (filters) affect how your perception changes... and so much more!

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