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I have researched and tested these products out myself and have had success stories with my patients and friends too!
Check out the different companies below and feel free to ask about anything you might be curious about. 
Pure Haven
Non-Toxic Products!
Skin     Hair     Cleaning products
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Biolage shampoo comparison toxins pue Ha

The newests in


Where Probiotics Fail Sporebiotic's won't!


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Adjusting Health Chiropractic Dr. Kelly Cullen DC

Made from the same material in the Dr Schol's "Are you Gellin?" adds this material has been created as:

hypo-allergenic, extremely durable, extraordinarily supportive.



They have beds and pillows, that are the best of all three requirements in a good night sleep,

Postural support, Comfort, Chemical free!

Adjusting Health Chiropractic Dr. Kelly Cullen DC

The only way I sleep is because of this pillow!

Suppliments and nutritional products that can really boost you in your health goals!

  • Vitamin Powder for drinks

  • Meal Replacement shakes

  • Omegas

  • Probiotics

  • ...

The 24 Day Challenge can be:

  • Getting back to being healthy

  • Loosing Weight

  • Bulking up for proformance

This vitamin packed Gummy even has your Vitamin C, the only thing it doesn't have is the omega's from fish oils (that would make for a not so appetizing treat). 

These gummies aren't hard to chew, 

they aren't oily, and they actually

have a bit of a tart taste to them

that makes them interesting!


Kids love them!


Pro Omega

This is a local company that prides itself in having the best products out there. That doesn't mean most potent, it means the healthiest known mixture of all of the essential Omega's the body needs!

Dr. Kelly Cullen, Doctor of Chiropractor in Folsom CA
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