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Diversified and Gonstead

  A simplified description is the DC finding segments with limited motion in the spine and assessing for the precise direction of limitation and applying a specific direction and force into the body/joint in order to restore the motion. This is typically done manually (with their hands) and can be accomplished with either pressure, impulse, or a quick thrust, as needed.

Drop table: 

A mechanism that allows the adjustment impulse to be applied to the specific joint without having to compress or affect the adjacent organs or joints.


Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) #adjustinghealth
Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) #adjustinghealth
Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) #adjustinghealth



Blocking with wedges    

 In this office is the use of wedges to allow gravity and time to be the active forces in the adjustments. this gentle technique allows the body to rest and adapt over a minute or two to a better positioning. ( there are many more details and specifics to this technique)


Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) #adjustinghealth
Wedges for SOT and Gravity alignment

Webster Technique -treatment for pregnant moms.  (

A very specific gentle technique to help mom's body adapt to the changes happening over the 39 weeks leading in and the recovery process after. It helps reduce her pain and her body to be as accommodating for baby to grow and move as she can be. This improvement in body positioning has been known to aid in helping reduce the occurrence of breech positioning, but is not a guarantee.



Kids have joints and muscle imbalances too. They're just not as tight and full of scar tissue like adults are. Their adjustment needs are the same as adults but the treatment is much softer and a lot less about stretching (they're already fairly elastic). Kids don't process pain like adults, so a fall might hurt for a day but the brain is so overloaded with knew information about the world it gets forgotten until something brings it up again. Therefore minor injuries are there without the parents knowing. We just like to give checkups to kids after growth spurts and injuries. 


Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) adjusting a patient
Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) #adjustinghealth


 An instrument designed to apply a quick impulse force into the rubber end (placed on a specific location in the joint can aid in creating better joint motion with less surface area (compared to a hand with manual adjustments).

Dr. Kelly Cullen, (DC) #adjustinghealth


       I am a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)


-Myofasical Release Technique (MRT aka: ART)

-Trigger Point Therapy

-Ischemic Compression


Instrument assisted Muscle Therapy

Dr. Kelly Cullen, DC in Folsom CA 95630
Dr. Kelly Cullen, DC in Folsom CA 95630
Chiropractic extras: tool assisted muscle work

Extremities adjusting

 Same principle applied to the joint in the extremity of the spine as it is applied to the arms and legs, the complicating factors are the vastly different amount of motion these joints have! Any joint with more mobility (range of motion) will have less stability (structural protection from injury). These areas are also treated based on restriction and imbalances


FMT Certified -  Rock Tape  (atheltic taping)

a way to aid the body with additional sensory and support to help it notice the distances and strain demanded by the area under the tape. to find out more:

Ingredients to Health:



Nutritious Food



Sun Exposure

A Purpose in life

Is a functionality of the body working at it's optimum capacity. The body needs oxygen, nutrients, and nerve communication to function. The body communicates in many ways: through neural electrical signals, through chemical transmitters that allow channels to open or close, and through homeostatis balances. 


Electrical Neural signals can have difficulties when there are electrolyte imbalances, aberrant electrical currents, or physical blockage or damage to the axon and myelinated sheath of the nerve. 


Oxygen intake and distribution is started with an inhaled breath, that requires you to use your diaphragm, abdomen, intercostal (rib muscles) and possibly your Scelene muscles (neck muscles). If the lungs aren't elastic enough to expand fully your oxygen intake will be limited, the same is true if you can't expand your rib cage to allow your lungs.






What is Health?

Are X-rays needed?

Not necessarily.

X-Rays are a way for a doctor to see the bones and some dense organs inside the body (unless a contrast is used, in which more of the soft tissues and organs could be visualized). It allows a doctor to know if there is a loss of joint space. In a Chiropractic office the reasons for getting x-rays are to check joint spaces, arthritis and overgrowths, and most commonly to make sure there is no fracture that would make Chiropractic adjusting at that time more harmful in that area of your body than helpful!

Reasons to get a consut to see if you need an X-ray:

If you had a trauma (ie; fall, accident, crushing, injury) or a sudden onset of severe pain.

If you can not feel a pulse on the far end of your injured limb

If you can not put weight or resistant to the area



*Just to be clear:

If there is a need for an x-ray to determine your diagnosis, I will order them and send you to a x-ray facility to have them taken. X-ray facilities will accept most insurances, or you can arrange to pay at the time of service. The facility will send me the results ASAP if based on the image, it's safe then, we can start treatment.

Dr. Kelly is here for you! 

Her practice is not super fast paced, it's meant to be

a place of healing.

Your body will feel better!

It's not all about the "audible" popping sound, it's about the joints moving correctly and body's nervous system communication functioning at 100%.

Movements done by Dr. Kelly are applied to the body gently and explained before they're done. The adjustments are less sudden than the average chiropractic adjustment you might have experienced in the past.

There are many factors to Health! Adjustments are important! Getting your body moving and the right ingredients are too! Great ways to help your health are: stretching, nutrition, exercise, emotional support... and much much more!

Dr. Kelly Cullen, D.C.

Phone: (916) 796-9986



231 Blue Ravine Rd. Suite 200

Folsom, CA 95630

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