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I'm grew up maybe not so differently than you. Waking up and eating a good breakfast, making sure I could get through the long school day so that as soon as the school bell rang I was off to practice or a game. I lived to play soccer when I grew up. I tried other sports... They didn't fit me like soccer did. 


What I wish I Knew when I was younger...

Just because you can...

I had so many instances where I would scrape my knee and cut my fingers not thinking about the future and what it could mean to me in 10 years, or 30 years. 


Many kids don't have to think this way, and I don't expect them to. 


I just want to put it out there that all the injuries add up!!

Concussions, ACL tears, burns and surgery scars they all play in to how your life will feel when you get older.


Think about it: when your five and you touched the oven because you didn't know it was hot. Then when you burnt your hand at 13 trying to make mom eggs for mother's day. Then when you forgot that a wet hand towel doesn't protect you from the metal cookie sheet you're pulling out of the oven... eventually the skin on you hand will adapt to not be so "burnable." It creates a protection of added thicker less sensitive layers. 


I know many people who can't feel when the water faucet is hot, just because of little things in their past that they did to their hands.

Soon to come:
SCUBA stories

Hawaii -Kaui and Maui

Cancun, Mexico

Australia- the great Barrier Reef.

Key West, Florida

Whiskey Town (Lake Shasta) Redding, CA

We didn't have trainers/sports doctors when I was playing...

As a youth athlete I only knew what a coach had taught me about health when it comes to stretching, fitness, hydration, food, etc... 


I hope to be a additional resource for the athletes to have.

I want to help kids and adults to understand whether:

            Ice or Heating is better. 

            Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

            Conditioning & Endurance


            Common injuries and most common reasons they happen & prevention

Ice or Heat!?!?!
 JV FHS women's soccer Assistant Coach!

I am honored to say I was the 2015 Women's Assistant Coach for the Folsom High School soccer team!

Other than the challenging season Folsom

had the girls leaned how to train in ways

to help balance their muscles in order to

lower their risk of injury. 



I played soccer from 6 years old to well into adulthood. I never really got hurt for the longest time. 


I didn't roll my ankles!


Then after playing on astroturf for many years my luck caught up to me. :(

I was practicing the week before my last competitive state cup tournamnet before I was to graduate High School. I went towards my teammate that was on the opposing team during practice and had to slow down a little faster than I had intended to have to. That's when my knee hyper-extended and I collapsed to the ground. Not knowing what happened I stayed down for a minute to figure out if it hurt, or was injured. I could bend it. It hurt to straighten it, but not too much so i though if I just stretched and jogged it off I should good. 


Standing up was fine until I put my leg straight... then it hurt. but jogging didn't mean straightening my leg so I jogged around a minute and that didn't bother me so I got back in to the practice plays. It was 2 minutes later I did the same thing. I tried to stop in place and my knee gave out. 


I called it a night and drove home... ice, rest, ... 

The next day I went to a PT who said I probably torn some if not all of my ACL. Then I had a consult with a surgeon. A month later I was signed up for a reconstruction and 8 months of rehabilition.


I used my own Hamstring for the graft... I wish I had choosen differently.


I eventually recovered and got back to playing again. But every time there is a storm coming in I get achy in my knee and it's the most difficult thing to keep my knee warm when it's cold out. I can bundle up and still have fun snowboarding and playing in the cold, it just takes extra layers. 


The thing I dislike most about the surgery is the sensation on my skin where my incisions where made. It feels like I have leggings on when something touches my skin. It doesn't feel the same, it's sensitive and tickles. Kneeling is a challenge because my scar is right where the weight of my knees/shin touches the ground. 


Because I wanted to continue to play soccer and have a chance at playing as an adult I had chosen to have the surgery. The thing I wish I had know was how to prepare and prevent the common factors that predisposed me as a young female soccer player to knee injuries. There are many exercises and techniques to help.  

5-10 years ago the rule was Ice any and every injury, unless it's arthritis, 2-5 years ago it was said to Ice any injury in the first 24-48 hours the Ice and heat can be evenly useful, choose one or alternate 20 minutes at a time. 

Now studies say that Ice is only a way to lessen the amount of pain that we will feel. ICE and It's physiological effects: it slows the flow of fluids by constricting the blood vessels. This means there is less white blood cells (immune response) to the site of injury, lessening the ability to start or continue clearing any debris and healing any injured tissues. ICE also limits the flow of waste or debris out of the area, which means there can't be as much anti-inflammatory effects compared to normal or warmth. ICE helps lessen pain and slow blood flow.

HEAT: This is now the go to at home or in office treatment to an area of pain or injury. It's may not help diminish the amount of pain. Heat is great to increase blood flow. Allowing the blood vessels to bring in the good immune cells and clear out any needed injured debris. Thus it's up to your body whether it will lessen the inflammation or not. If there's an infection in the area instead of damage, you may get a larger influx of immune cells to the area, it may take time for there to be any extra cellular waste being removed to happen. Meaning you could get more swollen for a period of time, before the immune system starts to accomplish some demolition of infectious or injured cells. 

Heat is your best friend! Use it and relax. If heat is painful consult your Doctor. If you like ice (less than 20 minutes to prevent skin burns), use Ice first then slowly warm the area back up before you use it for any daily or physical activity. 

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