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About Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Rourke (Cullen), DC has returned to her hometown of Folsom, after graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College, West Campus, in San Jose, CA.



CSU, Chico:

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, Minor in Human Resource Management.

  • Biomechanics

  • Physiology

  • Biology, Chemistry, Nutirtion

Chico Therapy and Wellness Center:

Certified Massage Practitioner (aka: CMT).

  • Swedish Massage

  • Trigger point therapy


Palmer College of Chiropractic,

West Campus: Doctor of Chiropractic.

  • Drop table                            

  • Sacral Occipital Technique          

  • Activator                              

  • Cox-Flexion Distration  

  • Graston (Muscle Therapy)

  • Myofasical Release Technique (aka: ART)

  • Extremities adjusting

  • Ergonomic Assessment

  • Ischemic Compression

Female, Chiropractor, Webster technique, SOT, diversified, gonstead, drop table, activator, back pain, Folsom, Sacramento

Certifications & Continuing Education training includes:


  • Chiropractic Pediactric Care

  • Webster Technique (        

  • Functional Movement Technique (FMT) Certification (with: Rock Tape)

  • Concussion Management

  • First Aid

  • CPR (@ the health professional level)

  • Coaching and instruction Certification

  • Ethic's and Philosophy of chiropractic

  • Billing and Coding for Health insurance

  • GI Health & Nutrition

  • Probiotic's research

  • X-ray (radiographic) Diagnosis

  • BodyMechanics (knowledge of the body mvements and coordination)

  • Muscles, joint an other phycial body Rehabilitation (PT)

  • Pediatric care

Dr. Kelly is a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College, West Campus.


Though she started her undergraduate studies as an engineering student at Chico State; she found her true calling after getting her Certication in Massage Therapy, she had fallen in love with the intricacies  the human body.  She realized that she wanted to personally help people better their health and well-being. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Human Resource Management at CSU Chico in 2009. While studying to become a doctor of chiropractic, she was able to transfer many skills from her previous interest of engineering and apply them to her exploration of the human body.


Personal experience with pain and the healing recovery process:

After a serious car accident in 2011, she has a better understanding to the individual healing process.

She had to go through the stages of healing and self care with chronic pain. It's a long road and there are so many ways to go wrong or not help yourself along the way, she had to go to different doctors to find any answers to better her healing process. Dr. Kelly explains, "I wish I knew then what I do now it would have saved me so much time and money getting to the right person for the applicable helpful adivce for my condition, not just the condition title they gave me!" Because of this, she is excited to teach people how to address the underlying issues that cause their pain and get them back to their life and best health. She likes to create a healing environment for her patients and their families. If she's not able to help, she'll let  you know, and send you in the right direction!



With her extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Neuromuscular conditions, she will help patients understand how the osseous (bone) structures affects the function of their bodies and how Chiropractic can pave the way to better overall health. She is up to date on the newest evidence-based therapies and techniques, allowing her to treat many ages from newborn babies through geriatrics. 


Since Graduating:

Dr. Kelly Spent a full year working at Folsom Life Chiropractic, right out of school. She felt confident to start her own practice. Dr. Kelly has been running her own practice since 2015. She's aimed to organically grow her practice, helping people get out of pain, move through rehab and lifestyle changes and helped her patients get back to their lives. Unfortunately this creates a problem, patients don't need to come in as often, which means she's always looking to seek out more people she can help. It's s good problem to have though (this is what I mean by organically grown practice). Dr. Kelly States, "I promised myself when I started a practice I would not push patients to come in for care that is not needed." 


Big Picture:

She gets great joy seeing the positive changes in her patients’ lives!

Female, Chiropractor, Webster technique, SOT, diversified, gonstead, drop table, activator, back pain, Folsom, Sacramento

Kelly spent all of her youth years playing competitive soccer. At age 12 she got licensed as a referee for soccer, she also got her coaching license.


In college she expanded her activities to Ultimate Disc (Frisbee) and Ballroom dancing.  


She is also PADI certified as a SCUBA diver. 


She enjoys hanging out with her family. and playing with her older dog (Border Collie/Lab mix) and younger dog (Coon hound mix).

She is always looking for a new an exciting places to see and explore!


Kelly loves to garden, create art and do house projects.


I've seen a very wide variety of ages, sizes and  body types:

~ 5 days to 104 years old

~from 6 lbs 2 oz to ~400lbs

~from 20 inches to 6'7" tall


No matter how you could measure or define your body it probably still needs a little extra help to avoid getting and staying fixated (stuck)!


Irlen Syndrome contacts:


If you see the contacts (or glasses) I wear and have questions, feel free to ask me. If you want to see more for yourself, check out the website:

They help filter out light waves that are over stimulation for my visual cortex and create a lowered threshold for headaches/ migraines.  AKA: they help me go through my day with less pain.

Without glasses Vs With

Kelly is constantly looking to help others in as many ways she can.


Goals of getting certified in:

Webster technique (a way to help mom's body to relax to help breach baby turning)

      - completed!


CPR and First Aid Certified

    Current Certification up to date!

Outreach  to help youth athletes learn how to train to help prevent injuries.




Getting involved with:


Out Reach lectures, projects, and more...


Female, Chiropractor, Webster technique, SOT, diversified, gonstead, drop table, activator, back pain, Folsom, Sacramento
Future Goals

My life has always been about helping and bettering people's lives! Email me to ask questions

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Not many people see me as an adult let alone a Chiropractic Doctor because I'm petite. I like to prove them wrong, not to shove it in their face but to make them realize any one can achieve something if you work through all the obstacles and do your best.

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