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What you might feel after any Adjustment

Relief from:

Numbness & Tingling

Muscle soreness,

Stiff Joints, 


Body Fatigue, 

Sharp or shooting pain

What might improve:


Energy levels



Less illness'


What Will Improve:

Body Alignment

Joint Mobility

Postural Awareness

Nerve signaling

Organ Function


What you might feel after an initial Adjustment

- Soreness


- Fatigue

- Energized



- Dehydrated



- Under the weather

Why Soreness:

    Your body is really good at keep Status Quo "A". If your body was asymmetrical for a long enough time this is what your body is striving to keep. Therefore the muscles and ligaments "like this Status Quo'A'."

    Adjustments are to get you as close to symmetrical as possible for your body (no one is perfectly Symmetrical) = Status Quo "B".

Now your muscles that were tightened to hold Status "A" now have to stretch to reach to the new positioning "B". 

Fatigued or Energized

   Your nerves are full of chemical signals constantly moving and sometimes delayed or congested in one location because of some form of interference.


Adjustments make changes to the joint spaces.

Each joint has some percentage of water in it for nutrient storage and lubrication.  

So if we open up the spaces in multiple joints the water in your body will need to fill the joints and your body will demand to be replenished. 

Under the weather

Your lymphatic (immune system) is located in your GI (intestinal lining), and just under your skin along and inbetween the muscle tissues.

~ 70-80 % GI

~ 20-30 % Along skin/muscles

When any body work is done the lymphatic systems are flooded with any newly released toxins/infections that had been blocked up in the muscle spasms, and restricted tissues. 

How long will it take?

Relief from initial soreness:


The body reacts to adjustments like a new workout, it will be readjusting to the new demand and positioning.

1-4 days typically

Treatment for instant (acute) onset of paintakes 4-6 visits to get good results for holding your alignment, this typically means the pain will be decreasing by then, but alignment is not a guarantee of pain relief.

Treatment for chronic (long lasting) paintakes 4-6 visits to get good results and may take longer if you wait to get care.

Treatment of wellness of optimal body motion: A continuance of care to maintain your improvements. This care is typically less frequent and commonly completely dependent on your lifestyle and needs.

Resolution of your pain:


The body has different natural healing abilities Chiropractic just helps it along in the process of communicating in order to heal. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, non-chemical treatment (hints: Adjusting Health Naturally)

It's fairly common to get pain reduction after the first adjustment, but pain is just the signal of a problem. Don't stop care until the doctor has released you from care, or re-occurrences are likely.

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