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UPDATES with COVID-19 restrictions:

Dr. Kelly is trying to help people stay healthy and reduce the stress we all are experiencing during this pandemic:

She will be taking precautions to make sure she isn't sharing any potential germs with others, as well as with her other patients. 

Please note that masks are mandatory in all indoor places in Sacramento county if 6' separation can not be maintained. There are reasons and exclusions for when a mask cannot be worn and we respect that as well. 

If you are concerned with sitting in the waiting room and interested in further limiting your exposure please notify the doctor that is your preference and text her when you have arrived, as soon as she is ready with the room sanitized and available she will message or call to tell you to come in from your car. 

Appointment times are spread out more to allow for cleaning and the doctor to get full-air out side of the mask between patients. 

Reasons to CANCEL your appointment:

1. You have tested positive for the COVID19 or Flu ( or someone you have been in contact with directly within the last 2 weeks) 

2.You have any of the following symptoms( especially if you have multiple on this list):

a new loss of smell or taste,

a fever,


dry cough or

body aches,


rash on your fingers or toes. 

(your temperature may be taken upon arrival, you will be asked to leave if you are running a fever)

If you have need to be quarantined or have symptoms: cancel your appointment until 48 full hours after symptoms are gone. 

3. If you are worried because you are a high risk group and have been avoiding stores and other outings, please keep safe and stay home. (you are welcome to call or text for questions about stretches and pain relief options at home)- note: we can schedule your appointment to the the first of the day for less chances of exposure.

4. Pregnant women: up to you  (contact me with any questions or concerns directly)


5. If you cannot control your coughing or sneezing from allergies you will be asked to not come in or to leave. These actions are spreading body fluids and are a high risk action for contaminating just about everything in a 6' diameter.

The office precautions:

-Dr. Kelly monitors her own symptoms and life to ensure she doesn't risk the office and her patients. If she is worried at all appointments may be canceled with little to no early warning. Let's hope It's not necessary though!

-a full spectrum filter to the ventilation

-use of Clorox wipes/sprays, and Hydrogen Peroxide spray to sanitize hands, tools, other air space and surfaces.

Please understand these precautions are to slow the rate of spread of this new flu. There is no way to 100% guarantee every single surface or air particle is clean of the virus. We can only try our best!

Remember and be respectful!

This office treats the susceptible groups (pregnancy and over 60 year old patients). 

Appointments are subject to delays in order to wipe down the office between patients. Patients are welcome to stay in their car/outside the office until the doctor texts them she's ready(if you want to do this please let her know you arrived with a text).

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