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There are four main functions of kinesiology tape:

  1. Correcting muscle fuction. Rock tape supports muscles during movement, and reseach has shown that it can provide a bit more stanima than the muscle alone.

  2. Improving circulation of blood and lymph. Studies show that the tape increases the flow of both blood and lymph, which can help in the treatment of lymphedema, mastectomy recovery, and swelling, to name a few.

  3. Correcting joint movement. The tape can be used to keep a joint, such as a knee, gliding and tracking smoothly while in use.

  4. Relieving pain. The tape has an analgesic effect, similar to what has been described as the "mother's hand effect".

This therapeutic tape utilizes latex-free elastic. Whereas most athletic tape is stiff and is used to hold muscles or joints in one position. Rock tape is stretchy to serve as a strong but gentle reminder to your body to hold your shoulder in a certain way or to keep a kneecap in line while biking or running.

Rock tape is all also known to help add support and help with back pain for pregnant women. This product is safe for both the baby and mother.

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