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Intelli BED


Made from the same material that Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts.  "are you gellin?"


Want a discount use: DrKellyCullen59 on the website to get 10% off!! See below for more details.

Intelli- Pillow

Though a little firmer than I'd like them to be, it's amazing the support it provides!

In my Office:

Disclaimer: I have personally tried any and all products that I have accessible in my office. I would never feel right having something to sell to someone unless I approved it first!

Like no other!

Dear patients and others, 

Many of your know that I have been recommending intelliBED for some time now.

I know many of you have trouble sleeping and most people don’t understand that their mattress has a big effect on quality of sleep. Also, the quality of our sleep can have a powerful effect on our overall health.  After much consideration and research, below are the reasons why I recommend intelliBED over any other mattress.

•This company has found a replacement material for foam to cushion the body called Intelli-Gel.  

•Intelli-Gel was created by engineers to provide the body with the most pressure relief possible and has been used to treat burn victims for decades. 

•My experience is that Intelli-Gel cushions better than any other mattress I have experienced, which reduces the amount you toss and turn, allowing you to stay in the deep healing stages of sleep longer. 

•It provides better alignment support than any other mattress I’ve looked at, which is necessary to hold adjustments. 

•Unlike beds that use a lot of foam, intelliBEDs provide consistent support and are guaranteed for 30 years.  Who wouldn’t love not having to purchase a new bed every few years? 

•They don’t use any toxic materials in the build out of their beds or any chemical fire retardants, which I know is important to a lot of you. 

As a reminder, you can receive a 10% discount for using mentioning my name or using this code: DrKellyCullen59 plus IntelliBED offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, including free return shipping.  

They prefer you to call (888) 435-2339 so they can have their sleep advisors walk you through which intelliBED is best for you.  You can also go online


To Great Health!


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