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Mega SporeBiotics


If you have ever tried to eat more yogurt or take probiotics you had the right intentions but sadly the companies and advertisements out there convinced us their products were helping. Sadly the products only help a small amount and aren't as likely to have long term effects. 

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I have a few other patients that have liked the effects of the sporebiotics too!


Uleritive Colitis Patients included!

I, personally, have taken the product. I finished one bottle of 60 capsules in 45 days because I started with a slow titre up to the full dose of 2 capsules a day. After it had been 15 days after the completion of the bottle and I was still having the benfits of te Bacteria working in my GI system!


What did I notice while taking the products:

-I could carry the capsules around with me and didn't have to keep it refrigerated! The spores protect the bacteria.

-After the first few days I had more regular bowel movements with less unpredictability!

-A bit more energy.

-I had felt a cold comming on early on, when I first started taking the product and didn't get sick.


So far I love the changes I've felt with the product and I love that it's still actively helping after I stopped taking it. Which means, it does what they says it does! It re-colonates and survives on it's own. 


Every once and a while now over the  last few months of not taking it my GI gets a  little upset with a new food and I take one capsule and withint he day I feel so much better!


Dr. Kelly


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