UPDATES with COVID-19 restrictions:

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If you have need to be quarantined or have symptoms: cancel your appointment until 24 full day after symptoms are gone. 

This office treats the susceptible groups (pregnancy and over 60 year old patients). 

Appointments are subject to delays in order to wipe down the office between patients. 


By Appointment only


10am-12 & 3-6pm



10am-1pm & 4-7pm





All regular appointments are scheduled for 15-20 minutes.

Exam + Adjustment = ~60 minutes

Chiropractic care is used to treat nerves-muscles-skeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, headaches... and much more!

Dr. Kelly, helps people of all ages! Pregnancy and youth care are her passion. Though, she is happy to help families, athletes too.

Chiropractic simplified:

Chiropractors help and protect the Nerves-Muscles-Joints of the body!

If your joints can't move, your nerves aren't going to be communicating at 100%.

Chiropractic keeps your joints moving, so your body can keep working naturally!

Dr. Kelly with a 5 day old little one! Dr. Kelly did a check up to make sure that his little body was all in place and moving and functioning the way it should. With just 2-3 little locations treated with light touch pressure to realign the body. This wonderful family then headed home with their happy baby!

This is a low force adjusting office! That means adjustments are more subtle, and less likely to make the "popping sounding."

Chiropractic in this office is about your body and your health specifically!

-If your body needs a few adjustments and it starts holding the alignment on its own your visits will correlate. 

-If you're under constant stress and postural strain we might have to take longer to get your body capable of a better and consistent alignment to reach optimum function!


Chiropractic treatments are commonly a physical action made with the intention of moving an individual joint to its optimal position, within the joint space. The goal of Chiropractic  is to help each joint to move properly again. Stretching the muscles and a few slight changes to daily habits play in to improving the recovery time as well.


Commonly bones get bumped or pulled "out of place" or get "stuck" within their joint space. When this happens the joint can't move as well. With a joint "out of place" muscle changes are likely to occurr; over time that cause imbalances. Your body's natural response to a vertebrae (an individual bone in the spine) that is "stuck" is to contract all muscles surrounding it to protect the joint from any possible damage that would come from too much motion. There are typically side-effects from the  joint "fixation" like muscle tension or spams. There are other side-effects that we wouldn't be able to see, such as nerve interference.

Chiropractic has a goal of getting your body's positioning balanced, so that all systems in the body have the ability to move and function freely without interference. Commonly after returning motion to the joints and muscles to there normal function the pain dissipates.

Note: Chiropractic adjustments are specific and done for the purpose of allowing each joint to have space and motion. It is not the goal of Chiropractic to make your body pop and crackle, the sounditself is not proof of a successful adjustment. 

She's here for you! 

Her practice is not super fast paced, it's meant to be

a place of healing.


Your body will feel better!

"Never saw a chiropractor before, and she's made me a believer! She definitely knows what she's doing! Highly recommend her!"

Dr. Kelly, helps people of all ages! Pregnancy and youth care are her passion. Though, she is happy to help individual, families, and athletes too. 


It's not all about the "audible" popping sound, it's about the joints moving correctly and body's nervous system communication functioning at 100%. Gentle adjusting does not result in audible movements.


Movements done by Dr. Kelly are applied to the body gently and explained before they're done. The adjustments are a little less sudden than the average chiropractic adjustment you might have experienced in the past.

There are many factors to Health! Adjustments are important!  There are many great ways to add to the healthy changes! Great ways to improve your health are: stretching, better nutrition (more natural foods and water and less toxins), exercise, emotional support... and much more!

Chiropractic Care is

adjusting your health naturally.

Life is good when you and yours are healthy!

Heather reviewed Kelly Cullen, DC  — 5 stars 

I had my first appointment with Dr Cullen this morning, she was amazing with her knowledge and adjustment techniques! She was very thorough in her assessment and I left feeling so balanced and wonderful!!!

Insurance Plan's Accepted in this office:

   *Plans vary under the insurance company...check your specific coverage to know what is covered at what percentages.

·         Anthem Blue Cross

·         Cigna

·         Blue Cross

·         Kaiser Permanente 

Dr. Kelly Cullen, D.C.

Phone: (916) 796-9986

Email: adjustinghealth@gmail.com

231 Blue Ravine Rd. Suite 200

Folsom, CA 95630

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