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Spinal Manipulation Therapy for acute Low Back Pain

This study is about Spinal Manipulation Therapy (SMT) for acute Low Back Pain (LBP):


Acute is defined as having pain for less than 6 weeks.

LBP: for this study them excluded people that had low back pain and radiation of pain into their leg/s.

20 Randomized Control Trials (RTC's) were reviewed.

Results: This study was deemed needing better RCT's to improv the results accuracy. What was found was that audible adjusing with an impluse was slightly if not thesame when comparing it to other manual therapies for Acute low back pain.

Interesting facts about this review: They only compared the effects of patient reported pain levels, not all studies compared activities of daily living changes, nor other objective measurable results. The other was that the treatments it was using to compare to were similar. These comparing treatments wereRange of motion, and stretching. It is true and taught by many Chiropractors, that stretching is key in the recovery and treatment for mechanic pain. Therefore if patients were to get adjusting and to be stretching on their own the pain would resolve faster and be more likely to not return is stretching is continued after the pain is gone.

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