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EENT Doctors and Chiropractors co-treating.

This long winded aticle is summarized by doctor Kelly in a few short sentences:

Over all patients benefit when there is teamwork and coordination between doctors, even when it seems like the area of treatment is different. In the past there were fewer specialities and therefore less communication needed. Now Electronic health records and research has made this morelikely and possible.

Similarly: This study says that it has a positive effects on patient outcomes and fewer days missed from work when being seen and examind promtly by a Chiropractor and reffered to the needed specialist for further detailed examiation by the needed specialist (in this case an EENT). The studies noted the slower refferals from multiple MD appointment waiting list, appointment times, etc.

The study also found that Chiropractic care is successful in allevating common EENT symptoms aswell as enabling the patients to return to work quicker.

EENT and cervical spine adjusting.JPG

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