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Evaluation for body work needs during the Covid Lock down.

I am a Chiropractor and therefore my business is allowed to be open and running within the rules mandated by the State and county. This being said I do not have the capacity to help all of the new people needing body work; specifically with muscle work (massage). There are other needs like: mental and behavioral therapies and getting health advice as well.


The new work at home situations are causing stress, muscle fatigue and inactivity in a whole new way.


The best way I know to help it to get people assessed to see if massage would be beneficial for them. Not everyone needs an adjustment or a massage, but many could benefit from it! For those that use massage therapy as their maintenance and they need a referral at this time to keep this up. Right now, the mandates say that massages have to be done outside or inside with a mask * and the person is required to have a MD’s or DC’s referral of necessity.


I am offering Evaluations for anyone who is not yet a patient of mine to get an evaluation in the office(existing patients too). This is not a guarantee of you getting a referral to get 1 or multiple massages. This is a way to get a posture and body assessment. A way to get advice on what could help you heal and learn how to help your body get healthier. If a Massage would be a beneficial step in this health progress a referral will be written. A limit may be applied depending on the individuals needs. 

Thank you for being respectful of my time and efforts to try to keep our community healthy! Remember I am a business owner and doctor and adding this to my already full schedule to try to help more people heal.

Dr. Kelly Cullen, DC

Simple Evaluation:$15  

Paperwork (specific for this simple eval.)

20 minute Consult with Dr. Kelly DC in office

Report of Doctors  findings

therapy/specialist suggestions

Complex Evaluation: $15 + $2/minute past 20 minutes ( no more than 40 minutes available in one visit)

Paperwork (specific for this simple eval.)

20 minute Consult with Dr. Kelly DC in office 

Ergonomic advice, stretching recommendation and/or therapy/specialist suggestions

Full Chiropractic exam and Treatment

75$ exam (Paperwork: Chiropractic evaluation of your health, your body traumas and needs)

45$ treatment  ( adjustments, Advice, Stretches)

2$/minute Therapy or instructions

(916) 796- 9986 Direct line to Dr. Kelly Cullen, DC


I am a Chiropractor who is not getting any reward or benefit for the Necessity Massage ( or other specialist) referrals that would be written.

I am going to truly evaluate all individuals for their specific and individual body needs. I believe that all people typically need a massage regularly if they're under stress or not get the proper movement and exercise to release the bodies tension.

If I see the need for posture changes, life style changes and chiropractic, it will be part of my evaluation and suggestions. In no way does this mean you have to get chiropractic care from me or any other DC.  These people will get 1 or 2 massage referral visits granted and will have to check back in for an update visit to prove change and attempts at progress. 


If I suspect someone using my services to get a massage and still not work on their own behaviors for preventative help I will resend my referral or limit the number to encourage better health decisions. 

I will also be advising a great deal of therapy for emotional support and psychological aid. These are stressful times and we all need more help while we are dealing with change, fear and the unknown.

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