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This is all of the things I have done so far.
Check out all of the things I'm involved in allready!

Food Truck Mania

Every 3rd wednesday

@the Folsom City PArk

Speaker Talks!
On Health, Health Habits, Posture, Sports Saftey... 


I've spoken to:

Accounting firms



& Other community people

Click poster above to visit their website

A special thanks to one our our awesome parents for taking these great photos! If you want to see more of his Photos Click Here

JV FHS women's soccer Assistant Coach

Working with the girls to improve their understanding of the game and the values of teamwork. I aim to help them train properly and improve their game physically and the over all understand of their health!



Bumperstickers, Flyers, Awareness
There are so many people out there that have a fear of Chiropractic for one reason or another...
I just want to help open people's eyes to the misconceptions and and let them know about the benefits they're missing out on!



Some of my ideas are a works in progress... 


-vitamins are not a replacement for laziness they're intended to help someone with nutiritional deficienciesthat can't get enough in their diet. Many People with digestion and immune issues should be taking vitamins.


-Just because the Insurance company doesn't coverge it doesn't mean its bad, and just because its covered and the doctor prescribed it doesn't means it's good(for you, not addictive, side effects...)


-Did you know: people who are Prescribed sleep aids could be held liable for taking the medication at night as prescribed if they have longer lasting effects through the following day. If you are still feeling your sleeping medicines when you force your self out of bed... think twice before driving, working... you could be at fault. 

Did you know: 106,000 peole die from adverse drug reations each year.

Bachelor of Science at CSU, CHICO
Major: Exercise Physiology
Minor: Human Resource Management
Chiropractic Doctorate School
Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus

With 13 quarters of 5-7 classes, equaling 78 required classes. When combining the midterms, finals and the national board of Chiropractic Examinations I have taken and passed approximately 1930 Exams total. 


I have learned an emmence amount about myself, the human body, physiology, biomechanics and how chiropractic and other health care professions affect these functionalities of our bodies.  


Certified Massage Practicioner
Chico Therapy and Wellness Center



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