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Health supplement products to assist you in your health goals and needs. 

Powder that you added to water to keep up your elecrolyes!



A great way to heat up and speed up digestion. Intended to aid in weight loss.

Omega-3 Fatty acids in a gel capules

Vitamins and Amino Acids with a bit of caffiene. Powder that you add to water. 

24 Day Challenge

Includes: Meal replacement Shakes, Spark (or V16 = non-caffienated), MNS vitamin day packs, Omegas, Herbal Cleanse. Optional Fiber, ThermoPlus, Catalyst, and more. 


The first 10 days are to cleanse the body and help it clear the system to (day 11-14) then add nutritional products to help your body get ready to shed the lbs.

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